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Learn to strum your favorite tunes or explore intricate fingerpicking with personalized in-home guitar lessons with Sanel.

From basic chords to advanced solos on classical, acoustic, or electric guitars, become the confident guitarist you want to be.
Guitar lessons with Sanel accommodate all ages, levels, and genres.

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What Students & Parents Are Saying


“I would like to extend to you a personal thank you for being a terrific mentor, coach, teacher and role model to [our son]. The study tools you have given him extend to all aspects of his life.

This past year we have really enjoyed watching [our son] transform as a person, and we are grateful for your influence on him.”

Wes. F (parent), Canada

"After many years of not looking at my guitar, or any music score, I decided that I would like to take up classical guitar lessons again.As a middle-aged professional person, I have limited time and could not commit to an absolutely rigid schedule. My professional activities and travel allow me to be able to practice daily at times, but at other times not for a week or even more. As a result I looked for someone who would be extremely flexible, but also someone who would make it interesting and whom I liked. I wanted fun, progress at my own pace, and not engender stress or negativity when I butchered my pieces! After all, I am doing this for one reason only - because I want to enjoy playing my guitar and getting better at it.Fortuitously I found Sanel online. Over the last year I have come to appreciate Sanel as one of the best music teachers I’ve ever had, not only because I genuinely like him, but because after one year of working at it again, I can genuinely say I am having more fun playing my guitar than I’ve ever had. That says a lot."

Magnus (student), Canada

“I am grateful for your exceptional mentorship and teaching. You are dedicated to equipping your students with skills, discipline, and lessons that apply to all facets of life. Thank you for your patience and encouragement, as well as your passion for teaching!”

Julianne  (student), Canada

“Our son loves his lessons and they have done wonders for his mental health as well. Thank you for all that you do!”

Britta (parent), USA

Rates For 1-on-1 Private Lessons




In-Home (I come to you)

$40 / 30-minute lesson


$35 / 30-minute lesson



In-Home (I come to you)

$55 / 45-minute lesson


$50 / 45-minute lesson



In-Home (I come to you)

$75 / 60-minute lesson



$70 / 60-minute lesson

No hidden costs or registration fees. All lesson fees are due on the first of every month, and you can cancel anytime. If a guitar and accessories are needed extra costs will apply. Please contact Sanel, this can be prepared before lessons start.

"The recital was a good experience - thank you for putting this together. I feel inspired [to play guitar]."

​Margaret (student), Canada

"It is with a big pleasure I had this opportunity to write to you a simple note of Huge Thank you from all our students and staff, who truly enjoyed amazing talent of Sanel.
Selection of Musical pieces.. played by Sanel was really truly Great.
Thank you for all your effort.
truly musically yours"

Natalia (Canada)

"Thank you for the privilege of hearing Mozart on the guitar. Its was great."

Ann (Canada)

Confident. Self Assured. Transformed.

Using a personalized approach, Sanel tailors each lesson to match each students interests and goals. Whether you're just starting out with your first chords or you're an advanced guitarist aiming to hone your skills, Sanel provides the guidance and support for you to learn the guitar*.

*Guitars are also available for rent or purchase. Please inquire for availability.

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Guitar Lessons For All Ages And Interests


Sanel's approach emphasizes building a solid foundation in technique, chords, scales, and music theory. Student will learn proper hand positioning, strumming patterns, fingerpicking techniques, and how to read both tablature and standard notation.

Ukulele Lessons

Hi, I'm Sanel!

I help my students reach their musical potential one lesson at a time. Let’s work together to enhance your skills and achieve your musical dreams!

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