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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Guitar Lessons Do You Offer?
  • Sanel offers in-home (Calgary) guitar lessons as well as online lessons using the zoom platform.

  • Sanel offers lessons for acoustic, classical and electric guitars, covering various genres including rock, blues, classical and more.

What Is The Cost For A 30 - Minute Private Lesson?
  • One-to-one in-home guitar and ukulele lessons in Calgary are $40 CAD for 30-minutes.

  • One-to-one Skype guitar lessons (Zoom guitar lessons) are $35 CAD for 30-minutes.

  • Payment is accepted via Interac e-transfer.

  • All lessons are scheduled weekly.

  • All lesson fees are due and prepaid on the first of every month. 

Who Can Take Lessons?
  • Sanel's lessons are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. He welcomes students of all ages.

Do You Offer Group Lessons Or Workshops?
  • Yes. Sanel offers group lessons in-home (Calgary) and online. Please contact Sanel for more information and rates.

  • No workshops yet.

Do You Provide Lesson Materials?
  • Yes, Sanel provides all necessary lesson materials, including sheet music, method books, tablature, and practice exercises. There will be a fee for books and any necessary sheet music that you may need to practice.​

Do You Offer Instrument Rentals?
  • Yes. All instruments are available for rent. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Can Parents Sit In During Their Child's Lesson?
  • Yes, parents are welcome to sit in during their child’s lesson, either in-home or online, to observe and support their learning process. Let Sanel know that you'd like to sit in and support your child.

What Kind Of
Guitar Is Best For Beginners?
How Do I Sign Up For Lessons?
  • You can sign up for lessons by using the contact form.

Do You Offer A Free Trial Lesson?
  • Currently Sanel doesn't offer a free trial lesson.

What Are Your Qualifications For Teaching Guitar?
  • Sanel has completed his Grade 8 RCM (Royal Of Conservatory of Music Toronto) in practical guitar. He has completed his advanced music theory and advanced harmony certification as well.

  • Sanel has been teaching guitar full time since 2012.

How Are Guitar Lessons Scheduled?
  • Sanel will work with you to set a consistent day and time that works for your schedule and his.

  • Lessons are scheduled weekly and will be scheduled at an agreed-upon time.

Online Guitar Lessons Using Zoom Platform

What Is The Cost For A 30-Minute Skype Guitar Lesson?
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How Do Beginner Guitar Lessons Work On Skype?
  • Much like traditional guitar lessons, Skype guitar lessons (Zoom guitar lessons) are live and with instant feedback and coaching from Sanel (just the same as being in-person).

  • ​Sanel personalizes his teaching approach to work with each student, at their pace.

  • The best thing about live Skype guitar lessons is that you don't have to leave your home!

  • All you need to do is set up your computer station and join the meeting (on Skype or Zoom) to begin learning guitar!​

  •        For Zoom, it will download automatically when you join your first Zoom guitar lesson.

  •       For Skype, you will have to download it prior to your first Skype guitar lesson.​

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How Are Guitar Lessons Scheduled?
  • Sanel will work with you to set a consistent day and time that works for your schedule.

  • Lessons are scheduled weekly and will be scheduled at an agreed-upon time.

Are Skype Guitar Lessons Different From In-home Or In-studio Guitar Lessons?
  • No, there is no difference.

  • Sanel guarantees that his students will receive the same quality of learning remotely as they would in person.

  • Sanel has high quality microphones, multiple camera angels and two monitors with screenshare ability to provide an engaging online learning environment.

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