4 Reasons Why This Is The Best Guitar For Beginners

Many parents ask, “What’s the best guitar that I should buy for my child when starting guitar lessons?”

This is an important question to ask.

Many people think it’s just a guitar…

How many options could there be?

Well, there are quite a few options! In this post I’ll share with you the one option that I think is the best for the absolute beginner guitarist.

As a guitar teacher I’ve seen what works best and what frustrates the child when they start their guitar lessons.

Guitars that are too big, awkward to hold, uncomfortable to fret (press on the strings with left hand fingers) are just some of the frustrations that I’ve seen young children and teens experience.

The Best Guitar For Beginners

So, what is the best guitar for absolute beginners?

The Best Guitar For Beginners

I recommend the classical guitar with nylon strings for all of my beginner guitar students.

Here are the top 4 reasons why:

1) Nylon Strings

Nylon Strings make it easy for the young beginner to fret (press) the left hand fingers as the nylon strings will not “dig'' into the fingertips. This is a great advantage for the absolute beginner learning guitar fundamentals and developing their technique.

2) String Tension

The String Tension on a classical guitar is much lighter than a steel string acoustic or steel string electric. This is important as the beginner student gets to connect to the guitar easier because there is no extra effort to exert as they try to play and connect to the guitar.

3) Wide Neck

A Wider Neck on a classical guitar is perfect for creating the correct left-hand position alignment where the wrist is in its neutral position. This allows the beginner to play and learn guitar fundamentals effortlessly.

4) Body

The Body of The Classical Guitar is smaller and lighter to hold. It’s perfect for the perfect guitar position. The slightly smaller guitar body can be easily adjusted to suit the child’s specific guitar learning needs.

I recommend the classical guitar with nylon strings for all of my beginner guitar students.

The Benefits Of A Classical Guitar

With a classical guitar, you enable your child to play more easily and set them up with a proper foundation, all of which will build their musical expression and guitar technique.

Learning on a classical guitar allows them to focus on connecting to the guitar and the music they’re playing, versus struggling to learn on a guitar that is stiff and uncomfortable.

When they’re comfortable learning guitar their creativity and authenticity comes through more easily. That’s why I think, beginning with a classical guitar is best for the beginner.

So maybe now you’ve decided that the classical guitar is the right beginner guitar to buy for your child.

What’s next?

Read my short post on how you can make sure you buy the best classical guitar for your child: 2 Facts You Need To Know When Buying A Classical Guitar.









Sanel Busuladzic is an award-winning guitar teacher. He has been playing guitar since 1998 (22 yrs) and has been teaching guitar since 2007.


Sanel began teaching in a studio at a local music school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Soon after, he started his own small business to offer in-home and remote (online) guitar lessons.


Since 2012, Sanel has been offering guitar lessons online through Skype and, now, Zoom meeting.


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