Study Notes and Classical Guitar Lesson For Allegro Op. 50 No. 13 by Mauro Giuliani

Please download both the full score and the melody only score, to practice singing and playing the melody.

Allegro - Mauro Giuliani - Full Score
Download PD • 2.33MB
Allegro - Mauro Giuliani - Melody-Only
Download P • 1.91MB

This Allegro is full of beautiful melody and harmony. As you get acquainted with the first phrase, start implementing a little more of the singing to bring out the melody in the bass. This is the most important part when learning this piece, I always emphasize this for my students. It's the most freeing thing, when you start to sing with the guitar.

This Allegro Op. 50 No. 13 is a grade 2 level of study, which is a beginner/beginner stage of classical guitar study.

Definition of Allegro. What Does Allegro Mean?

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Overview of The Music

Allegro by Mauro Giuliani is a very harmonic piece with a clear melody in the bass. There is a definite sense of phrasing with clear tensions and relaxations in the cadences.

Transitions or bridges between phrases are also very clear. This is a great opportunity to explore a wide range of dynamics and timbre of the classical guitar.

Opportunities to Practice:

  • Singing the melody with the bass

  • Left hand alignment

  • Right hand arpeggio and sensitivity and balance with the bass melody played with the thumb

  • A wide range of dynamics

  • A wide range of TIMBRE (colour)

There is a definite sense of phrasing with clear tensions and relaxations in the cadences.


If you are a guitar student of mine, you know that I’ll be asking you to sing the bass melody as you complete the first phrase.

There is a big benefit to singing the melody.

The guitar is a percussive instrument that loses it’s notes after they’re played, released. So, in order for us to be able to have a sense of connection, voice is our best choice. The voice has the ability to sustain and shape the sound. When we translate this to the guitar, we start creating the illusion of connection in our ear.

Here is the breakdown of the praising and bridges (transitions) in Allegro Op. 50 No. 13 by Mauro Giuliani.