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Study Notes and Classical Guitar Lesson For Moderato by Ferdinando Carulli

Moderato Sheet Music
Download PDF • 2.64MB

These study notes go beyond the classical guitar technique for the left hand and the right hand.

This is a beginner study for developing dynamic range for the right hand, and exploring the lightness in the left hand. This Moderato will also teach us about harmonic phrasing, also indicated by the dynamic markings.

Definition Of Moderato

Moderate speed, between Andante and Allegro.

Overview of The Music

We can see that this Moderato by Ferdinando Carulli has a time signature of C (common time or 4/4 time signature). The 4/4 time signature has a rhythmic accentuation on beats 1 and 3, strong weak medium weak.

There are triplets all the way through the music, until we arrive at bar 16, where we have eight notes. In this case bar 16 is acting as a transition bar to a tempo marking where triplets continue.

There are deeper benefits to an arpeggiated piece like this.

Exploring The Triplets

These triplets are an opportunity for us to explore the full range of dynamics. Carulli has given us a repetition of the pattern in each bar.

This Moderato is not just about chord transitions and trying to “land” on the right notes with the right finger using the left hand, there are deeper benefits to an arpeggiated piece like this.

There is this motor like triplet effect, 1-o-let, 2-o-let, 3-o-let and so on, and then we have to come back to 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+ on bar 16. I recommend exploring this in isolation using the metronome and without the rit. (ritardando) marking.

Exploring The Left Hand Preparations

The goal is to stay away from making chord shapes. We are only interested in fretting the notes that are coming up in the bar.

As we move through the piece and the left hand is taking shape, the next thing that is needed is the muscle memory for the dynamics. Our goal is to start phrasing with dynamics right away.

These video study notes are not for the absolute beginner trying to learn guitar. You must be proficient in sight reading the first position and open position using the various rhythmic values, including a triplet.

If you have questions or insights you’d like to share, please use the comment section of this video study note, classical guitar lesson.



Sanel Busuladzic is an award-winning guitar teacher. He has been playing guitar since 1998 (22 yrs) and has been teaching guitar since 2007.

Sanel loves to teach students who are curious and desire to excel at the guitar. He finds fulfillment in seeing his students learn and understand how to play guitar while developing their passion for music. 

Sanel is grateful for being able to do what he loves to do! 


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