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Study Notes and Classical Guitar Lesson For Españoleta by Gaspar Sanz

Please download the score that accompanies this classical guitar lesson.

Espanoleta Gaspar Sanz
Download PDF • 1.31MB

This Espanoleta by Gaspar Sanz is a grade 3 level of study, which is a beginner/intermediate stage of classical guitar study.

Definition of Espanoleta

A Renaissance dance set in ¾ time. ¾ time has a strong weak weak pulse, meter.

Overview of The Music

Before starting to learn a new piece of music, it’s always important to observe the key signature and the time signature. This Espanoleta by Gaspar Sanz is in ¾ time and d minor (with one b flat in the key signature).

In the performance, I play the whole piece once in its entirety. You have the option of observing the repeats if you choose to make it longer and more interesting. You can also add some decorations like mordents and ascending and descending slurs. Of Course, if you choose to do the repeats you have the opportunity to explore more timbre (sound colour) and dynamics.

Opportunities to Practice:

  • Singing the melody without the bass line (exploring the strong weak weak rule alongside phrasing

  • Right hand sensitivity and balance with the bass

  • Right hand sensitivity and balance in the cadences at the end of the phrases

Phrasing for Espanoleta

  • First phrase bars 1-8

  • Second phrase bars 9-16

  • Third phrase bars 17-25

Happy practicing. If you have questions or something to share, comment below or contact me.

Also, if you’re looking for an in depth lesson for Espanoleta please contact me and we can arrange a time.



Sanel Busuladzic is an award-winning guitar teacher. He has been playing guitar since 1998 (22 yrs) and has been teaching guitar since 2007.

Sanel loves to teach students who are curious and desire to excel at the guitar. He finds fulfillment in seeing his students learn and understand how to play guitar while developing their passion for music. 

Sanel is grateful for being able to do what he loves to do! 


Since 2012, Sanel has been offering Skype guitar lessons online and, now, he also offers lesson on Zoom.

Remote* Guitar Lessons

with Sanel Busuladzic

*Remote lessons are live, 1-to-1, through Zoom or Skype meeting

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