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If you're a parent looking for guitar lessons for your child, click below.

Playing Guitar

If you're an adult looking for guitar lessons for yourself, click below.


Welcome to Authentic Guitar Lessons With Sanel - Personalized In-Home and Online Instruction!

Sanel offers specialized lessons to match your musical interests and skill level. From basic chords to advanced solos on classical, acoustic, or electric guitars, become the confident guitarist you want to be.

Guitar lessons with Sanel accommodates all ages, levels, and genres.

Here Is A Glimpse Of What You Can Learn:

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Fingerstyle, Classical Guitar

Explore the beauty of modern fingerstyle, classical guitar. Learn the acoustic or classical guitar as a solo instrument with beautiful melody and harmony, chord shapes, percussive textures, and unique compositions.

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Country Guitar

Dive into the sound of country music. Learn classic strumming patterns, intricate fingerpicking, and everything else you need to excel in this genre.

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Blues Guitar

Immerse yourself in the soulful world of blues guitar. Learn essential techniques, expressive playing, and deep grooves that define this genre.

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Rock Guitar

From classic anthems to modern hits, rock is the ultimate guitar genre. Learn rhythm playing, soloing, and advanced techniques that help you rock with confidence and style.

What Students & Parents Are Saying


“I would like to extend to you a personal thank you for being a terrific mentor, coach, teacher and role model to [our son]. The study tools you have given him extend to all aspects of his life.

This past year we have really enjoyed watching [our son] transform as a person, and we are grateful for your influence on him.”

Wes. F (parent), Canada

"The recital was a good experience - thank you for putting this together. I feel inspired [to play guitar]."

Margaret H. (student), Canada

“I am grateful for your exceptional mentorship and teaching. You are dedicated to equipping your students with skills, discipline, and lessons that apply to all facets of life. Thank you for your patience and encouragement, as well as your passion for teaching!”

Julianne C. (student), Canada

“Our son loves his lessons and they have done wonders for his mental health as well. Thank you for all that you do!”

Britta W. (parent), USA

Sanel's Teaching Philosophy

As a passionate guitar teacher with over 11 years of full time teaching experience, Sanel centers his teaching philosophy around fostering a love for music and empowering students to achieve their fullest potential. Sanel believes that every student should have the opportunity to learn guitar with a comprehensive foundation, moving beyond just chords to embrace a well-rounded musical education.

In his guitar teaching Sanel recognizes two primary types of guitar students: those who are drawn to the guitar for its sound and tactile connection, and those who want to learn songs.

The first group consists of students who are fascinated by the instrument itself. They appreciate the rich tones, the feel of the strings under their fingers, and the expressive possibilities of the guitar. These students are often more inclined to explore the technical and musical aspects and intricacies of playing, finding joy in learning the instrument and understanding its nuances and expression.


The second group includes students who are motivated by the desire to play specific songs they love. Often inspired by their favorite musicians and wanting to replicate the music they admire. This enthusiasm is a powerful motivator, and it can drive rapid initial progress as these students are eager to play recognizable tunes.

Both motivations are legitimate and valuable. Sanel respects and nurtures the unique goals of each student. However, he observes that students who focus solely on learning songs without building a proper foundation often encounter significant challenges. These students may quickly learn to strum a few chords but tend to struggle with more advanced techniques, chord shapes, and smooth transitions. This is because they lack the necessary groundwork in finger positioning, and finger independence for both the left and right hands that a more comprehensive approach provides. 

Sanel addresses these challenges by ensuring that even song-focused students receive a well-rounded education. He incorporates foundational skills and gradual progression into their lessons, blending their desire to learn songs with essential technical training. By doing so, he helps these students develop the flexibility and proficiency needed to tackle more complex music in the future.

Sanel's teaching methods are rooted in this holistic approach. He prioritizes a balance between theory and practice, incorporating a variety of techniques to keep lessons engaging and relevant. Students start with fundamental skills and gradually move towards more challenging pieces, allowing them to build confidence and proficiency at a comfortable pace. This method not only prevents bad habits but also cultivates a deep understanding of music. As students’ left-hand muscle memory becomes more stable and fluid, Sanel introduces chords incrementally, ensuring they integrate smoothly into their playing without causing stiffness or limiting their progress.

Continuous improvement is an important part in Sanel's teaching philosophy. He regularly reflects on his teaching practices and seeks feedback from his students to enhance their learning experience. He is committed to ongoing professional development, staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies.

Rates For 1-on-1 Private Lessons




In-Home (I come to you)

$40 / 30-minute lesson


$35 / 30-minute lesson



In-Home (I come to you)

$55 / 45-minute lesson


$50 / 45-minute lesson



In-Home (I come to you)

$75 / 60-minute lesson



$70 / 60-minute lesson

No hidden costs or registration fees. All lesson fees are due on the first of every month, and you can cancel anytime. If a guitar and accessories are needed extra costs will apply. Please contact Sanel, this can be prepared before lessons start.

Confident. Self Assured. Transformed.

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Hi, I'm Sanel!

I help my students reach their musical potential one lesson at a time. 

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