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Mission & Values

My mission is to nurture your child’s natural abilities,

self-confidence, and curiosity while learning to play the guitar so that they're able to express themselves authentically.

Cultivate Integrity | Embrace Authenticity | Serve  

Create | Encourage Patience | Foster Presence | Enrich Expression 


Why Learn Beginner Guitar Online With Me?

  • Your child will receive personalized attention, their progress will be individually evaluated and supported along their learning journey

  • Your child will connect with the guitar far beyond just strumming a few chords or playing a few melodies

  • Your child will enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills by learning guitar and learning how to read music

  • Your child will be encouraged to participate in online learning games where they’ll collect points and be awarded based on their points achieved

  • Your child will have the opportunity to participate in video duets and other collaborations with fellow online guitar students (if desired)

  • Your child will enhance and grow their self-awareness, adaptability, and self-control

  • Depending on your child's age, they’ll learn how to use Google documentation tools and the Zoom online meeting platform

  • You'll have a direct line of communication with me, the teacher



Are Online Guitar Lessons Different From In-home Or In-studio Guitar Lessons?

There is no difference between live online guitar and in-home/in-studio lessons. Students receive the same quality of learning online as they would in person.

The added benefit of live online guitar lessons is that your child will get to learn the technology and tools that’ll prepare them for their future whether they stay with guitar or not.


Parent & Student Recommendations


Wes F. (parent), Canada

I would like to extend to you a personal thank you for being a terrific mentor, coach, teacher and role model to [our son].

The study tools you have given him extend to all aspects of his life.

This past year we have really enjoyed watching [our son] transform as a person, and we are grateful for your influence on him.



Hi I'm Sanel Busuladzic

I’ve been playing guitar since 1998 (22 yrs) and have been teaching guitar since 2010 (10 yrs). I began teaching in a studio at a local music school. Soon after, I started my own small business to offer in-home guitar lessons. I’m proud to say that I began offering guitar lessons online, in 2012, before it was even a thing!


My focus is on teaching children where I’m able to assist parents and help shape the child's development using the power of music. Parents have shared with me that the skills developed in guitar lessons easily transfer into other life skills for their child...



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