Want To Enroll Your Child In Beginner Guitar?


What You'll Need

Internet Connection

  • High-speed hard-wired (internet cord plugged into the computer) internet connection, no WiFi please. 

  • Upload speed of 10 Mbps at minimum. You can test your upload and download speed here. For most accurate results of the speed test, make sure that other devices are not using bandwidth.

Webcam and Microphone

  • For children 5 - 8 years old, an internal webcam and internal microphone is sufficient at the beginning. 

  • For children 9 years old and up, they'll need a webcam on a tripod or a boom arm that we can move around as we work on the left and right hands separately. This is important and will create the proper foundation.

Parent / Adult Helper

  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the 30-minute lesson. You'll be asked to assist the child during this time and work together throughout the lesson. 

Do I Need a Guitar for My Free 30-minute Online Lesson?

  • Children between 5 - 8 years old do not need a guitar for the free 30-minute online lesson. We'll be clapping rhythms and learning all about music notes. The parent or adult helper and the child will be given easy music notes to print out. These notes will be completed during our lesson together.

  • Children and teens, ages 9 and up, will need access to a tuned guitar for the free 30-minute online lesson. Please try your best to tune the guitar prior to the lesson, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Can I have more than one free lesson?

  • There is only one free lesson per family. 

  • However, you can split your 30-minute free lesson between your children (e.g. if you have 2 children they could have 15-minutes each). 

  • Please schedule the best time that works for your family. 

  • Free lessons are only offered once, if you choose not to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours you will waive your opportunity to have a free lesson.

Do I Need a Printer for My Free 30-minute Lesson?

  • Yes, music notes will need to be printed out. You'll also need some colored pencil crayons. 



Hi I'm Sanel Busuladzic

My first experience teaching online guitar was in 2012 using Webex meeting. I started offering it to my students and they really enjoyed it. Although the technology, at the time, was nowhere near it is now, students were able to find value in the online lessons just as they had in the in-person lessons.
In 2018, I converted my in-person studio to an online studio. It has given me the opportunity to reach a bigger audience of like-minded students and parents that value their time as much as I do. It has also given me the opportunity to pursue other projects that are important for my growth as a teacher, a human, and a coach to my students.

I’m grateful for being able to follow my intuitive guidance and do what I love to do. That is, to teach. It’s my calling, it’s my gift to the world. I’m grateful to see the transformation and the impact I’m having on my students every week as they work diligently on improving their guitar skills, minds, and hearts. Teaching guitar has been a life-long calling for me.

​I take pride in teaching guitar to students that gravitate towards actually taking guitar lessons. I love what I do, and enjoy teaching students who are interested in learning guitar. 

Grade 8 Practical and Advanced Harmony

Royal Conservatory Of Music (RCM) Toronto, Canada

Music Education

Honors & Awards

Gold Certificate | Classical Guitar – Contemporary/Modern Composers
Mar. 2009 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

First Place | Classical Guitar Solo – Romantic 

Sep. 2008 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

First Place Certificate | Provincial National Classical Guitar Solo  

Jan. 2008 Alberta Music Festival Association

First Place | Classical Guitar – Contemporary / Modern Composers
Mar. 2007 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

Second Place Certificate | Provincial National Classical Guitar Solo – Senior
Jan. 2007 Alberta Music Festival Association 

First Place | Classical Guitar – Contemporary / Modern Composers
Mar. 2006 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

Second Place | Classical Guitar Solo – Bach Transcriptions
Mar. 2005 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

Second Place | Classical Guitar Solo – Romantic
Mar. 2005 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

Second Place | Classical Guitar Solo – Classical
Mar. 2004 Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

My mission is to provide genuine guitar lessons and

inspire authentic student transformation. 


This means that...

There are no contracts.

There are no commitments.

You can cancel anytime.




One-On-One Beginner Guitar


Much like traditional guitar lessons, online lessons are live and with instant feedback and coaching from Sanel. Sanel has a specialized curriculum for each of the age groups:​

  • Children from 5 – 8 years old

  • Children 9 – 12 years old

  • Children and teens, 13 years old and up

​Sanel’s approach is gentle and patient. Lessons happen once a week at the same agreed upon time.


The best thing about live one-on-one online guitar lessons is that you don't have to leave your home, you just turn the computer on and learn guitar.​


Try out a free 30-minute beginner lesson with Sanel by booking here.

How Do Online Beginner Guitar Lessons Work?

Does Sanel Only Teach Online?

Yes. Sanel believes that with technology evolving each year, and each month, the possibilities of online learning are endless.

He also believes that parents and students can now choose whether or not they want to drive to a location to learn guitar or turn the computer on and start a Zoom online meeting to learn guitar. 

Sanel will connect with you live via a Zoom online meeting, in the comfort of your own home.


Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or adult helper.

What Is The Cost For A Regular

30-Minute Guitar Lesson?

  • One-on-one online guitar lessons are $45 CAD per 30-minute lesson.

  • 30-minute lessons are once a week.

  • Payment will be via Paypal.

How Does He Schedule His Guitar Teaching Practice?

Sanel believes that every student he teaches deserves his full present attention and preparation.


Sanel will work with you and your child to provide support, guidance, and individualized attention.

For him, this means that he needs to have a 15-minute Sanel down time between guitar lessons.


In order for this to be possible, this means that Sanel is only able to teach a limited amount of students one-on-one.


Parent & Student Recommendations


Wes F., Canada

I would like to extend to you a personal thank you for being a terrific mentor, coach, teacher and role model to [our son].

The study tools you have given him extend to all aspects of his life.

This past year we have really enjoyed watching [our son] transform as a person, and we are grateful for your influence on him.

Margaret H., Canada

“The recital was a good experience -thank you for putting this together. I feel inspired [to play guitar].”



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