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Adult Guitar Lessons
Learn To Play Acoustic, Electric or Classical Guitar

Book your one-on-one lesson with Sanel.


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Qualifed Gutar Teacher

What You'll Learn



Learn to use all 4 fingers to play the guitar properly with minimal effort and produce clear notes.


How To Practice

Learn the best way to practice ensuring that the time you spend with your guitar moves you closer to your music goals.



Learn to play melodies and bass lines together using fingerstyle technique. Alternatively, explore strumming patterns.


Play With Confidence

Play accompaniment (chords) and melodies during your lessons, and share your music with others.



Learn how to practice rhythm. Learn about time signatures and foundations of rhythm.

Different Genre's Alongside A Solid Foundation

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Fingerstyle, Classical Guitar

You have the option to explore modern fingerstyle and classical guitar techniques alongside building a solid guitar foundation. This style can be played on an acoustic or classical guitar as a solo instrument, creating beautiful melodies with harmonies and bass, all on one guitar.

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Country Guitar

You'll will have the option to learn classic strumming patterns, intricate fingerpicking, and everything else you need to excel in this genre.

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Blues Guitar

You have the option to explore the soulful world of blues guitar and technique. You'll learn essential techniques with expressive playing and deep grooves that define the blues genre. This style can be played on acoustic or electric guitars.

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Rock Guitar

You have the option to explore the rock genre. You'll learn rhythm playing, soloing, and advanced techniques to rock with style. Rock guitar is played on electric guitar with an amplifier.


Student Approved

“I would like to extend to you a personal thank you for being a terrific mentor, coach, teacher and role model to [our son]. The study tools you have given him extend to all aspects of his life.

This past year we have really enjoyed watching [our son] transform as a person, and we are grateful for your influence on him.”

Wes. F (parent)

“I am grateful for your exceptional mentorship and teaching. You are dedicated to equipping your students with skills, discipline, and lessons that apply to all facets of life. Thank you for your patience and encouragement, as well as your passion for teaching!”

Julianne C. (student)

What Kind Of Guitar Is Best For The Adult Beginner?

A classical guitar with nylon strings is highly recommended for beginners.

Here’s why this type of guitar is perfect for those new to learning guitar:

1. Comfortable Nylon Strings

Nylon strings are softer and easier on the fingers compared to steel strings. This makes them ideal for beginners who are developing their finger dexterity and learning the basics without the discomfort of tougher strings.

2. Low String Tension

Classical guitars have lower string tension than steel-string guitars. This means you can play with less effort, allowing you to focus on learning guitar technique and enjoying the music rather than struggling with stiff strings.

3. Wider Neck for Proper Technique

The wider neck of a classical guitar helps the student maintain the correct left-hand position. Proper wrist alignment is essential for playing chords and scales accurately, making it easier to develop good habits from the start.

4. Manageable and Lightweight Body

The smaller and lighter body of a classical guitar is comfortable to hold and play. It allows for a relaxed playing posture, which is especially important for adult beginners who want to practice for extended periods without strain.

Demonstrate The Goal And Explain Why

Sanel believes that when a student is learning guitar it’s important for him to break down the concepts and explain how and why they work together to accomplish a musical goal. Sanel’s ability to demonstrate the finished piece or musical idea is beneficial to the student as they get to hear the goal they’re working towards.


Starting with a classical guitar sets a solid foundation for your musical journey. It provides a more accessible and enjoyable playing experience, allowing you to focus on connecting with the instrument and the music. 

A Few More Testimonials

"The recital was a good experience - thank you for putting this together. I feel inspired [to play guitar]."

Margaret H. (student)

“Our son loves his lessons and they have done wonders for his mental health as well. Thank you for all that you do!”

Britta W. (parent)

Ready To Begin?

Book your one-on-one lesson with Sanel.


There is no obligation for you to sign up or commit long term.

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Hello! I'm Sanel, an accomplished guitar teacher in Calgary with over 11 years of experience. I love to teach and help guitar students reach their musical potential one lesson at a time.

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