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Getting Started With
In-Home Guitar Lessons Calgary 


1. Book Your First Lesson

Experience Sanel's teaching style and determine if it aligns with your preferences. Additionally, grasp the essentials for starting guitar lessons, especially if you or your child is new to the instrument.


2. Decide If You Need A Guitar Lesson Starter Package

Everything you or your child needs to get started learning guitar in your home. I will come to you with all the supplies listed below and we’ll be ready to start guitar lessons right away.

1 Nylon string guitar
1 Guitar tuner (Metronome)
1 Music Stand
1 Music Book and Binder

Total cost: $400 + Lesson Plan for the month (due at our first lesson meeting)


3. Pick A Guitar Lesson Duration & Get Started!


30 min./$45 in-home guitar lessons Calgary

45 min./$55 in-home guitar lessons Calgary
60 min./$75 in-home guitar lessons Calgary
90 min./$115 in-home guitar lessons Calgary

All lessons are weekly and must be prepaid on the 1st of every month.

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